Prices - Doctor Elena Martin, Cosmetic surgery



Consultation of cosmetic surgery and major reconstructive surgery 80

Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation with implants (FDA – approved silicone gel implants in USA (Mentor, Allergan, Polytech) via the horizontal submammary incision
Round / Anatomical implats from 5000
Peri-Areolar incision from 4000
Tubular breasts from 4000
Implants replace from 5500
Fat transfer breast augmentation
Breast lipofilling 5000
Mastopexy (Breast Lift)
Peri-Areolar incision (Benelli) from 1600
Vertical 3600
Inverted T 4000
Mastopexy with implants from 5700
Reduction mammoplasty 5000
Correction of mammary asymmetry (including Poland syndrome, amnesia, etc.) from 3500
Areola and nipple correction
Areola reduction 1500
Inverted nipple 1200
Liposuction 1500
Mammary gland excision + liposuction 2500
+ tegumentary excision 2700

Face surgery

Total Facelift 4000
Short scar facelift – Spa Lift 3000
ICLED 2000
Brow Lift 1500
Upper 1900
Lower 2000
Upper and lower with general anesthesia 3500
Transconjunctival 2500
Facial implants
Chin implant 1100
Fat transfer
Facial lipofilling from 1500
Neck Liposuction 1500
Buccal fat pad removal (Bichectomy) 1900
Lips lipofilling 1000

Body Surgery

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) from 5000
Mini abdominoplasty from 4500
Liposuction ( abdomen + flanks) from 4000
Total body lift from 6500
Butt Remodeling
Butt lift from 3000
Butt lipofilling from 4500
Thighs remodeling
Thighs lift from 3000
Knee liposuction 1500
Thighs liposuction (internal / external / both) from 3500
Second area (flanks, thighs, etc.) 1000
Scar revision
Direct excision 1000
Serial excision 850
Scar excision after tissue expansion 600
Carpal tunnel 500

Genital Surgery

Labiaplasty 2200
Pubic Region Liposculpture (liposuction/lipofilling/both) 1100

Non-invasive aesthetic procedures

Botulinum Toxin from 175 euro/area

400 euro/ 3 areas

Hyaluronic Acid Injection 0.5 ml 275 euro
1 ml 400 euro
PRP Therapy from 150
Fecetite 3000 euro
Bodytite 4000 euro
Accutite 2000 euro
Morpheus 400 euro/area (face or neck), 650 euro face+neck and 1000 euro/area (body)
BodyFX 150 euro / session

390 euro / 3 sessions

750 euro / 6 session

Eyelid repair surgery

Ectropion / Entropion – Unilateral 500
Ectropion / Entropion – Bilateral 600
Upper lid ptosis – Unilateral 600
Upper lid ptosis – Bilateral 900
Correction of upper eyelid retraction – Unilateral 600
Correction of upper eyelid retraction – Bilateral 900
Correction of lower eyelid retraction – Unilateral 600
Correction of lower eyelid retraction – Bilateral 800
Total Myectomy (Blepharospasm) – Unilateral 1000
Reanimation for facial paralysis de la 1000
Eyelid cancer excision with reconstruction 600-900

Med Spa

Dermalinfusion 125
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) 50
Carboxytherapy 100
TouchGold 250
TrichoTest 270
Cellulitis package – mezotherapy + carboxitherapy from 300
Alopecia package – Prp/microneedling from 200
Depigmentation treatment
(2 Dermalinfusion + 2 Obagi Peeling)
Professional cleaning treatment

(2 Dermalinfusion + 2 Oxigen Hiperbar)

exfoliation, extraction, infusion and hydration

PRX lady

(Treatment for depigmentation of the intimate area)

Pore thinning treatment

(Obagi Peeling + Dermalinfusion + TouchGold + Oxigen Hiperbar)

Treatment of dark circles

(TouchGold + Oxigen Hiperbar + one CO2 session + Mezotherapy)

Localized weight loss treatment

(5 sessions Mezotherapy + 5 sessions Carboxytherapy)


The prices are expressed in euros and include:

  • Surgery, anesthesia (general, local or intravenous), accommodation in the clinic 1 night (or 2 nights for certain procedures) for operations under general anesthesia, under medical supervision.
  • All types of implants. We only use silicone breast implants with cohesive gel approved by the FDA in the US; the other implants (limbs, looms, pectoral, facial) or tissue expanders are only from the world’s top manufacturers.
  • Possible secondary operations (in case of immediate postoperative complications or corrective operations, which are performed in some of the procedures, 4-6 months after the first operation).
  • All postoperative checks and dressings.
  • Medical equipment to be worn after the surgery (for example in the case of a chest breast implant surgery).
  • Patients wishing to spend additional time in the clinic will pay 150 Euros / day.
  • Patients who stay overnight are discharged until 12:00.

According to the new tax regulations, the method of payment of the services is modified as follows: the amounts that exceed 10,000 lei can no longer be paid cash, these will be paid by card payment or bank transfer.

Secondary consultations, postoperative visits and checks are free of charge.

Dr. Elena Martin reserves the right to revise the price list whenever she deems it necessary.

Considering the specificity of the medical services and the unexpected nature of the surgical interventions, there is the possibility that the scheduling hours are not respected precisely. We apologize for the inconvenience.