Lipofilling - Doctor Elena Martin, Chirurgie Estetica


When the first liposuction methods appeared, the plastic surgeons understood that the extracted fat can be reinjected in the body, acting as a filler.

This technique, The Autologous Fat injections, known as Lipofilling, has numerous indications and benefits nowadays.

  • The neck, decolletage and hands rejuvenation
  • To correct the irregularities after liposuction
  • Wrinkle filling and smoothing, especially in the face
  • As an alternative to Hyaluronic Acid to plump the lips or cheeckbones
  • Used with a face and neck lift, the results are more balanced

The Lipofilling or The Autologous Fat Transfer intervention has become more and more popular thanks to the natural aspect it creates, the safety and the longevity of the final result. The allergy risk is practically non existent, considering that only the body resources are used. The injected fat is 40-60% reabsorbed physiologically
and the resting one grafts and can survive for many years in the treated area. In order to maintain the results, in selected cases, I recommend my patients to repeat the treatment every 3-4 months, as usually there are 2 Lipofilling sessions necessary.

For an enhanced aesthetic result, lipofilling can be associated with other procedures. Following consult, we will decide together the ideal treatment plan and the best association of aesthetic interventions.

The patients’ youth photos will be studied, especially when Lipolifting is meant to reduce ageing effects, and we will observe the modifications brought about by the passing of time. After a 3D analysis we can appreciate the volume deficit in the treatment areas and we can improve the treatment plan.