Lifting nechirurgical - Doctor Elena Martin, Chirurgie Estetica

Non surgical lifting

When the ageing signs appear, the non surgical lifting with PDO or SILHOUETTE Threading can represent the ideal method of prevention and treatment. The self absorbable threads are efficient especially for recontouring the lower part of the face, when we encounter loss of elasticity.

The thread lift

  • restores the face contour in selected cases
  • stimulates rejuvenation and increases skin elasticity
  • improves the general aspect of the face by eliminating lines
  • it also has a therapeutic effect, increasing the limph and blood circulation

The treatment is simple and quick (15-30 minutes) and it is recommended for all types of skin. The results last for a long time, 12-18 months.

The variety of needle dimensions facilitates the treatment, adapting to different areas and to the patient’s needs. The threads begin work right away, but the strongest effects seen after 2-3 months. We will decide together if the PDO threads can satisfy your aesthetic needs and we will choose together the personalised treatment plan.

The advantages of PDO threading

  • The procedure is simple and quick
  • There is no hospitalization involved, just local anesthesia
  • There are no side effects or adverse reactions
  • High level of patient satisfaction
  • Combining it with other therapies(Mezotherapy, PRP)
  • It stimulates the fibroblasts action
  • It revitalizes the elastin and collagen production
  • The skin becomes smoother, uniform and bright
  • Introducing the threads in the fat tissue mobilizes the fat deposits by stimulating the lymph system