Interventii estetice nechirurgicale - Doctor Elena Martin

General information

The modern lifestyle is more and more challenging and most patients have the tendency to choose minimally invasive treatments with rapid recovery. In this context, Non Surgical Aesthetic Medicine has developed exponentially. The minimally invasive treatments represent the best solution in order to improve the quality of the skin, the volume of the face and facial laxity. The technological advancement allows recovery “on the spot”, with no scarring, long term results and a visibly rejuvenated appearance. The treatment possibilities are very diverse. In order to choose the best personalised method, I am waiting for you at the clinic to decide together the best treatment plan and for you to benefit from the cutting edge Aesthetic Surgery.

Every case is unique, because Beauty is more than just a surgical intervention. I am waiting for you to come to an appointment in order to understand your needs and to find the optimal treatments together. We can do a 3D simulation of the aesthetic interventions, in order to create a 3D virtual image of the desired results. We can also do a 3D complex facial analysis in order to choose the ideal intervention for you.