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Surgical interventions – general information

When it comes to surgery, the list is extremely long and diverse. Methods, techniques and results may vary substantially from clinic to clinic. In general, this area of aesthetic medicine aims to find the beauty and harmony of body and mind.

The reasoning is simple – a person feels better when he is pleased with what he sees in the mirror. And often, due to genetic anomalies, accidents that happened throughout life or simply due to the passage of time, the person in the mirror no longer resembles the one in our mind. That’s when we turn to surgery – to bring harmony back into our lives.

Following a consultation, we choose together which surgical interventions are suitable for you and your wishes. Of course, they can be replaced or assisted by non-surgical interventions, depending on your expectations and needs.

We perform a multitude of surgeries in the EMD Clinic. Even so, absolutely all benefit from the latest generation technology, with fast recovery and minimal postoperative pain. Depending on the chosen intervention, you can opt for day or night hospitalisation.

One thing is for sure – whatever procedure you choose, the entire EMD team will be with you to ensure your comfort, speedy recovery and pleasant experience.

I chose modern techniques and equipment for my patients:

  • State-of-the-art silicone breast implants from Mentor;
  • Minor incisions and postoperative support in modern scar treatment;
  • Ellman Radiosurgery to minimise postoperative pain and discomfort;
  • PAL (power assisted liposuction) or liposuction with vibrations, for body liposculpture;
  • Prolonged postoperative analgesia, using long-acting local anaesthetics.

Contact us here to set up an initial consultation where we can discuss your wishes, associated expectations and what we can do to make them a reality.

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The results of cosmetic surgery vary from person to person. Contact us for more information.

Feel like a star. Confidence through cosmetic surgery.

Feel like a star. Confidence through aesthetic surgery.