Operatie marire sani prin implant mamar - Dr Elena Martin

Breast surgery

Breast Surgery is one of my favourite domains. In order to reshape the breasts you can opt for Breast Augmentation with a breast implant or fat transfer, or on the other hand, Breast Reduction. In selected cases, the interventions can include Breast Lifting and Mastopexy procedures.

The modern techniques allow very good results with fast, 24 hours recovery. During surgery I will use the Ellman Radio-Frequency Ablation and also the non-traumatic “non touching” techniques, paying extra attention to tissue work, and thus the post-op discomfort is minimised. The pacient can resume work and other activities 2-3 days after surgery. During the pre-op consultation we will choose the ultimate method for breast reshaping together.

There is an opportunity to do a 3D-Simulation for a complex analysis of the breasts and to approximate the optimum volume. Post-op we don’t use drainage tubes, for a better post-op comfort. The incisions are minimal, and after the procedure we offer modern solutions for the scar treatment.

When we choose Breast Reduction, the surgical techniques can vary a lot. According to the particulars of the case, we can choose the Vertical or “Lollipop” Breast Reduction or the Inverted T or “Anchor” Breast Reduction. After the aesthetic breast interventions, you will be hospitalised for 24 hours in the Eliade Clinic. The final aesthetic aspect will be assessed one year post-op. Aesthetic Breast Reshaping gives the highest degree of satisfaction to our patients.

My patients’ contentment represents my professional satisfaction. I invite you to share their experience. The pictures and the videos presented here show real patients who underwent aesthetic interventions.

Real patients. Natural results.

Feel like a star. Incredere prin chirurgie estetica