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Face surgery

Aesthetic Facial Surgery aims at recreating a youthful compexion by using finesse techniques and attention to detail. The current trend is to use the minimally invasive surgery with very little scarring and fast recovery. I will always take into account my patient’s wishes and after completing the facial analysis, we will choose together the optimal interventions. The interventions use the Ellman Radio-Frequency, which facilitates post-op recovery and comfort. The surgery technique will be adapted to each and every patient, as each case is unique. I will wait for your appointment to give you more details about the facial surgical interventions and the post-op recommendations which are particular for each case.

In order to recontour and redefine the facial volume, we can choose together the ideal surgery for your beauty:

  • Facelift (SPA Facelift)
  • Brow lifting (temporal or forehead)
  • Blepharoplasty or lid surgery
  • Menton(chin) implant
  • Bichectomy or reduction of the cheek fat
  • Submental(chin) Liposucction to redefine the lower face contour
  • Upper Lip Lifting


My patients’ contentment represents my professional satisfaction. I invite you to share their experience. The pictures and the videos presented here show real patients who underwent aesthetic interventions.

Real patients, no filter pictures

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