Liposuctie, Chirurgia siluetei - Doctor Elena Martin

Body surgery

The Aesthetic Body Surgery aims at recreating the bodily proportions as closely to the ideal as possible. Be it fat excess or skin excess, we will choose the ultimate treatment method.

LIPOSUCTION is the surgical intervention addressing especially fat excess. As one of the most sought after aesthetic interventions, liposuction is the surgical intervention that requires the patient’s patience to obtain the final result, which will be assessed in 6-12 months, according to the case. There are several liposuction techniques. I have chosen for my patients PAL-Power Assisted Liposuction, or the Vibrations Liposuction in order to facilitate the procedure of removing the fatty tissue and to improve the post-op aspect and comfort.

LIPOFILLING of buttocks or BBL(Brazilian butt lifting) entails the transfer of fatty tisue in the buttocks. In this way we create a harmonious waist-hip ratio, enhancing the buttocks with autologous fat transfer. This has lately become one of the most popular surgical interventions.

For removing excess skin, we can opt for the following:

  • ABDOMINOPLASTY or TUMMY TUCK in oder to remove excess tummy skin. It can be associated with Liposuction of the front of the abdomen, in the case of patients displaying muscular laxity, especially after giving birth.
  • ARMS OR HIPS LIFTING in order to remove excess skin, especially for patients exposed to massive post-bariatric loss of weight.