Doctor Elena Martin - Chirurgie estetica si microchirurgie reconstructiva

Surgical interventions

Aesthetic Surgery has the goal of regaining the beauty and harmony of the body and the mind.Together we can choose the surgical intervention which is meant to rediscover your youthful body and your confidence in the power of Beauty.

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Every case is unique,because Beauty is more than a surgical intervention or an injection of Botulinum Toxin or Hyaluronic Acid. I am waiting for you to come to an appointment in order to understand your needs and to find the optimal treatments together.

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    My patients’ contentment represents my professional satisfaction.I invite you to share their experience.The pictures and the videos presented here show real patients who underwent aesthetic interventions.

    Elena Martin

    My passion for hamony and for detailed precision led me on the path of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and also Reconstructive Microsurgery. The courses and training in Mayo Clinic,(1st top ranked USA Hospital) and Cleveland Clinic offered me the opportunity to use innovative techniques in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.